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Recall - Vice Mayor Herb Perez!


When is Enough - Enough?

Last November, 2018, Foster City residents voted for change to our City Council. We voted for leadership based on civility and respect from our Council Members. Instead, after over six months of anticipated change, we have seen little change for better. Some may argue that it has even gotten worse.

The City Council of Foster City has had a tradition of selecting a new Mayor from among the other Council Members on a rotational basis. That tradition is no longer. A Council majority voted to keep Sam Hindi as Mayor for an additional year and select Herb Perez as Vice Mayor, against the overwhelming voice of our citizens.

Foster City residents deserve and demand a more representative form of governance: fiscally responsible, fair-minded, and responsive to the residents. Instead, we have had to endure periods of incivility, lack of transparency, and verbal attacks toward residents from the Dais.

Since the City Council has repeatedly ignored the requests of residents, the Foster City Watchdog group was formed to send a clear message to the Council: we expect our City Council leaders to operate in a culture of values and ethics.

Join our Watchdog group whose intent is to send a message to the City Council that we deserve better leadership and respect for its residents.

To that end, we have gathered examples and information available in the public domain that illustrates the egregious conduct of Council Member Herb Perez over a period of several years. The video clips and documentation show clearly the lack of leadership we have endured for far too long.

Click HERE to continue to the website and view the material collected so far. We will be updating the site as more supporting material becomes available to be posted.