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Recall - Vice Mayor Herb Perez!


Why are we moving to recall Council Member Herb Perez?

In record-breaking numbers, Foster City residents voted for change in November 2016. The vote was clear; stressing leadership based on civility and respect. And as of today, nothing has changed.

The Council majority voted to keep Sam Hindi in as Mayor and Herb Perez as Vice Mayor — a move that disregarded the will of the people. More than five thousand residents voted for change, which the City Council blatantly ignored. Could it be possible that Perez would again be Mayor and Hindi Vice Mayor in 2020? We elected five Council Members to govern the City, not two. We cannot and should not allow empire building to happen and with your help, it won't. Least we forget, it is our community, not his.

Foster City residents deserve and demand a more representative form of governance: respectful, civil, fiscally responsible, fair-minded, and transparent.

The FC Watchdog group was formed to send a clear message to the Council: disrespectful representation will not be tolerated.

To that end, we are gathering support for the recall of Council Member Perez, whose conduct has been and is the most egregious.

No member of the public, city staff, city, or civic officials, or other council members should be made to feel embarrassed, harassed, or discouraged to participate by the hostile and unprofessional behavior of Perez.

We are asking for your support for better and accountable leadership, not dictatorship. If enough names are gathered to sign the petition, a recall election will be placed on the 2020 March ballot for the entire community to vote out Perez.

Contained in this website are video clips from public record City Council meetings and public record documents that highlight the hostility of Perez toward the community.

Please, for the sake of our community, take some time and view the material presented herein and form your own opinion.

Thank you for your time.

Hope you and your neighbors will join the FC Watchdog for better leadership and governance.