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Recall - Vice Mayor Herb Perez!


Verbal Attacking the School District

It is common knowledge that Perez has had his eye of a piece of property to build some type of athletic facility. He tried for a piece of the 15-acres (Foster Square) and was turned down by the City. He tried for Charter Square and was turned the owner. When the School District entered into a financial arrangement with the owner of Charter Square, Perez entered into vendetta mode and takes public verbal attacks from the Dais every chance he can.

As he tries to "punish" the School District, he looses sight the it is our school children who are the ultimate recipient of those attacks.

Date Category
01-16-18 Attack School District
01-16-18 School District Poll
11-20-17 Advice to School Board
11-20-17 Teachers Contract
11-20-17 Levee/School District
11-20-17 School District Unwillingness.
11-20-17 School District Lacks Leadership
11-20-17 School District Over Budget
10-02-17 Teachers Are Low Priority
10-02-17 No Workforce Housing For Teachers