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C/CAG Attendance

One of the responsibilities of a Member of the City Council is to have Foster City representation on such policy making entities whose jurisdiction overlaps City boundaries.

Once selected Mayor in December of each year, one of the first duties is to organize and distribute assignments to the various committees among the five Council Members to take effect for the following year. Once agreed upon, the liaison list is published and becomes part of the staff report to be voted upon by the entire City Council at a public meeting.

Below is is a listing of the Liaison list for the years for 2012 through 2019, the years Council Member Perez has served on the City Council. The items designated as Attendance have attendance details along with the Liaison List.

Date Category
Year 2012 Liaison List
Year 2013 Liaison List
Year 2014 Liaison List
Year 2015 Attendance
Year 2016 Attendance
Year 2017 Attendance
Year 2018 Attendance
Year 2019 Attendance to date