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Unbecoming Conduct

As an elected representative of the residents, is goes without saying that respectable conduct and demeanor should prevail when addressing the residents in attendance at City Council meetings. The voters have the right to express both their pleasure as well as their displeasure toward the actions of their representatives. When residents have expressed their displeasure at the podium, they are allowed 3 minutes to present the ideas. When some Council Members dislike what they hear, they often break out into a diatribe of insulting remarks and do so for as long as they choose. Shouting at the residents from the Dais is not good governance.

So, the residents, tired of being bullied at the podium, by Perez in particular, have resorted to sending emails and expressing themselves on social media. Even on social media, there is not much cover as Perez mentions and/or criticizes those comments. If Perez, and to some degree Hindi, would spend less time insulting the residents and more time tending to City business, wouldn't we all be better off?

Date Category
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