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Insulting Remarks

If its not verbal attacks then it is insulting comments. Citizens are allowed to speak under Public Comments for a maximum of 3 minutes. If he disagrees with your comments, Council Member Perez will take as long as he wants to insult you for "not knowing the facts". So prepare yourself to receive his insults if he disagrees with your comments.

We will continue to review Council Meeting videos and add pertinent clips to this website. Additions will be done on a non-scheduled basis. So come back periodically to view them for your enlightenment.

Date Category
04-15-19 Senior Housing is a waste of land
04-15-19 Ugly Bunk Houses
01-16-18 Malfeasance
01-16-18 Agenda Driven
01-16-18 Levee and Weather
01-16-18 Not Your Money
01-16-18 "Un-Vote"
01-16-18 30-40-50 Year Resident
01-16-18 Deplete Your Bank Account
01-16-18 "I hope the Bond fails"
01-16-18 Grandstanding
01-16-18 Follow Your Messiah
01-16-18 Next Door Poll
01-16-18 More Malfeasance
01-03-18 Malcontent
10-02-17 Ultacrepidarians
06-06-16 Rudeness
05-16-16 Threatening Letters
05-16-16 Internet Tough Guys
05-16-16 Self Serving
03-21-16 Other Cities
03-07-16 Complaints to Waste Basket